Friday, May 30, 2014

Last crit!

Jamie Noce


Glass, grout, wood, steel
7' x 3' 

Working on a grant provided through the University of Delaware Year Scholar for the Arts Program, I wanted to create a piece that bridges both science and the arts.  Soon to be located in the Interdisciplinary Science Lab building, I decided to take what the building is meant for and apply my own ideas.  Inspired by microscope images of cells, I hand cut and hand laid each piece of glass to make up twenty-one individual glass mosaics.  The way that they interact with one another is meant to play off of how cells work together to make up the world we live in.  

Anna Jacob

sheet metal, bark, mirror, carbon fiber, plaster
~96" x~96"

My idea for this piece originated from the simple idea of making a mask out of glass and grew into so much more.  The concept of it is that no matter what type of story you see on the outside, it does not till you the story on the inside.  It also originates from my fondness of theatre and masquerade mask making and the relationship between the person and the character the mask portrays.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kacey Boyce

Solid Steel Rod, varying in width up to 1inch thick
5ft X 7ft X 3.5ft

This sculpture has had many lives. The culmination of them all has led to this object. It is both majestic and creepy and I love that everyone who has a chance to view it, is reminded of something unique to their own personal memories.

Jill Jacobs

Soapstone Totem
Soapstone, Steel
6" x  6" x 66"

Stoapstone Totem was the most experimental piece I created this semester. I have grown comfortable and confident using steel and wire and wanted to play with subtractive sculpture. While the soapstone portion of this sculpture was inspired by Meso-American totems and carvings, the steel originated as a method to see the carving at eye level, but developed into an attempt of using two disparate mediums, a concept I had yet to play with. I worked within the juxtaposition of the most malleable stone and the solidity and rigidity of steel and found them to hold little relation outside this contrast. 

Justin DuBois

10.5' x 9.5' x 8'

When thinking about this piece I really wanted to continue my work with steel. I decided I was going to build on a larger scale, big enough for kids and even adults to hang on or even squeeze into the center. I wanted my work to be able to experienced by touch and not restricted. I feel like my structure is about being lively.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cristian Vitale


Found Wood Mulch, Plaster.
10" x 4' x 8'

Cristian Vitale

Human Experience

Wood, Glue, Nails.
6'7" x 20" x 15"

As sculptors we deal with matter, bodies and objects. The work I have created, attempts to reveal a sacred atmosphere where thoughts and conversations about human experience and emotions can begin. My investigation of spiritual beliefs and practices leaves me wondering about the space we create; space that exist within us and without us.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Joe Wojciechowski
May 22, 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jimmy Gomes

3/4" MDF, 6 - 12" Subwoofers, 3 Amplifiers, Car Battery, and Wire
82" x 54" x 15"

This piece is the finale of a three-part series. With my first sculpture being inspired by struggles experienced in life and the second sculpture representing a transition from negative to positive, Vibin' is about being content, happy, and optimistic. I find my personal peace in listening to music and amplifying the sound to a level where it is not only heard, but felt. When the bass line fills the room, it becomes a relaxing distraction to get lost in and is almost meditative.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Anna Jacob

Wood, Wire mesh, Foam, Cable

The idea behind the Marionette has changed and grown throughout its creation.  It has becomes the embodiment of a character in my mind and I feel as though I am bringing a life into the world.  I hope as much will fill the minds of those who control it.  The audience gets the chance to put on their own show, but also gets to be a part of the show.  Ideally, the puppeteer will come away with the sense of what it feels like to control a life that is completely dependent on her/him.  I would like the audience to walk away from the Marionette remembering how beautiful something can be, and how much joy it can bring to themselves and others, even if it requires the power of another being to bring it to life.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Justin DuBois

Plane Crash
Wood (Reed)
41" x 41" x 10"

I am very interested in working with steel, so I thought I would give working with wood a try. I decided to use reed because it is more flexible. It isn’t about the structure itself but how it is placed.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Catherine Kolaski

Fabric and rope
6.5ft X 24ft X 8ft

When thinking of this piece my thoughts included how I could jump on, hang on, or crawl into a space.  My work is large scale; I like things that are larger than myself physically and conceptually.  I am always thinking of ideas that are out of the ordinary to others but perfectly normal to me.  My work is about human interaction; the sense of touch is important to me.  Perhaps touching is so important because touch is an intimate moment between two subjects.  By putting the urge to touch something in my work I can bring out this intimacy in others; I can put people in situations that they are not used to. There should not be physical restrictions in art; this work is made to be experienced.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jimmy Gomes

2003 Ford Focus (Steel)
67" x 76" x 58"

Metamorphosis is defined as an extensive alteration in the appearance or character of an animal or object. Much like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, people experience their own metamorphoses and grow physically as well as mentally throughout their lives. This piece embodies that change by not only being representative of a butterfly, but also removing different parts of a car and reconnecting them to form something completely nonautomotive.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Caity Serva

Apoxie clay, wire, and string
2' x 2' x 2''

Abridge is a piece that has changed in many ways since its conception. At first, it was meant to be about uniformity but as I made each deer and saw the flaws and imperfections forming on each one, the meaning of the piece became more about the fine line between individuality and sameness. I started to only partially finish the deer, showing the process by which they are made and, in doing so, causing them to loose their identities.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kacey Boyce

High Sierra 
Solid steel rods, sheet metal, oil based enamel paint, spray paint 
8ft x 3ft x 3.5 ft 

Nature provides the most Wacky, Creative, Flabbergasting, and Awe Inspiring objects. Nature can look welcoming, foreboding, sturdy, delicate, and an excitingly large number of other various, and often opposite, adjectives. Half the fun of making nature inspired art, is the seeking out of wow worthy moments/objects in nature. Imprinting the experience of stumbling upon such original, wondrous, atmospheres and objects, than using those feelings along with the photographs I take, and then jumbling in some creative juices, is how I wind up with most of my artwork. This tree is inspired by my to-date, favorite tree. It happens to reside on the High Sierra Trail, west of Mt. Whitney, in California.