Friday, April 28, 2017

Taylor Schomp

Taylor Schomp
White Clay, Brown Clay, Steel
Spring 2017

The first image children draw when first learning how to draw, scribbles seem simplistic in nature.  This piece investigates their understated complexity when forced to interact in the 3-dimensional world.  Though each scribble is different in size and shape, when stacked, they cease to exist as single objects and rather become extensions of one another.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring Break

                                                             SPRING BREAK
                                         What more can I say. The sculpture speaks for itself.

Two to Tango

                                                                      Two to Tango

                                   Tango is an abstract of two dancers entwined in sensual
                                        arousals, disastrous desires, passion and betrayal,
                                   unpredictable surprises and breathless rhythmic accumulations,

How We Change Space and Experience Time

How We Change Space and Experience Time
Steel, Plexiglass, Pressed Flowers, Mirror                                 

How does being here in this moment in time and space change the world around you? As a commentary on nature, the natural, and the organic, this piece will never be experienced the same at any two points in time because you will never be the same at any two points in time.


Rogue Wave

                                                                   ROGUE WAVE
                                          Every now and again at sea appears a Rogue Wave.
                                          A wave that seems to apear out of nowhere. Try to
                                          picture yourself at sea in a boat or ship with a
                                          60 foot high wall of water coming right at you.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bruce Turner

     I've always wanted to create friends/pets to "live with" in my backyard but never realized that I could attempt it without a 30 ton block of marble.   But a steel "skeleton" covered with aluminum is giving me a start.

Sunday, April 16, 2017



Hannah Zimmerman 

.-.  .  cepticle  

Glass globe, metal rod, starched and waxed pieces of canvas, grommets, cord 

This piece explores the idea of knowing and not knowing our own thoughts. Some are fleeting while others linger longer in our minds, often negating our existence in the present. Many deal with concerns of the future both collectively and independently. For me, the glass vessel represents the nonphysical human mind and the pieces of canvas represent those lingering thoughts that distract us from the now.