Friday, December 21, 2007


Guidance, is a representation of the idea that life is all about the journey not the destination. The four staircases give the viewer a choice how to ascend the piece, and at the top a blinking light which resembles a lighthouse blinks in the direction North to give the viewer geographical guidance. Yet the light is merely a suggestion as the viewer must make their own decision to embrace or turn down the guidance given to them.

Aaron Davis
December 2007
Pressure Treated Wood, Steel, Various Electrical Components, Lights.
12' x 12' x 12'

Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet with Perpetual Gaze

It is a physical interaction that I am asking for with this piece. I am attempting to present a sense of emptiness in the ceramic forms at first glance. Secondly, I tried to derive an action - namely a ritual - with the unlit incense and matches.
 The materials I chose to construct the space alluded to ancient tribal tradition, as in the twine, as well as modern industry, as in the pipe; a presentation of how I have been trying to presently identify myself. I left it up to the viewer to decide whether or not they would take part in my "ritual", but for those who did, I presented the alternate view of the empty ceramic forms of faces made with colorful clays and glazes that would only be seen from the kneeling, squatting, or crouching position. For the duration of this two-day installation, 112 incense sticks were lit by viewers.

Meet with Perpetual Gaze, 2007
Jeremy Tan
porcelain, raku, stoneware, steel, twine, fabric, wood, sand, incense
7' X 12' X 13'

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Her Toll

Her Toll
Ava Larkin
11.5' x 6' diameter
Antique furniture, 16 piano player
paper rolls, light fixture, dress
maker's form, metal, metronome

Her Toll is a play on femininity, architecture and personal space. Using antique piano player rolls of paper, a "wall" is constructed over a fabricated steel hoop skirt, grossly disproportionate to that of a hoop skirt worn in the 1800's. Under the skirt is an environment: a room constructed out of desperation, loneliness and confinement. An antique ceiling fixture illuminates the interior and an old table with stool that reside inside. The steady rhythmic pulse of a metronome ticking resonates from within, toying with the idea of pacing, an abnormally slow heartbeat, waiting: the song of one's existence. On top of the skirt is the figurehead: a vintage dress maker's form, able to be conformed to whatever standards may apply during one's existence.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This is a simple yet complex pieces. It's a piece about life and death. About possibilities and the flow of energy. It's about the perception of time. But mostly it is about finding meaning in the meaningless.

Chuck Mahley
Wood, Styrofoam, PC/Webcam, Sponge and Grass


This piece evolved from Ganesha, the god with an elephant head. From there I explored the child in all of us with playful ball pit balls and soft textured fabric. The animal has an elephants head and a long spine leading down to a small duck like body that is weighing down the end of the spine .Untitled
Kat Riley
 11 ' x 15' x 2'
fabric, plastic balls & string

Monday, December 3, 2007

Droplets II

Droplets II 2007
Welded steel

This reconfigured project is a continuation of thoughts that have evolved from the critique of the first Droplets sculpture. I compacted the forms to create a more complex and visually pleasing design.

Light machine

Light Machine 2007
Welded steel, Lights, and gear system

The light machine utilized negative space to cast spinning forms of light along the interior of the room. Negative space allows for provocative illuminated shapes to vent outwards and stimulate the viewer. The viewer powered hand-crank allows them to become a part of the piece. The hand-crank powers an internal gear system which spins a column of truncated steel cylinders. Underneath the cylinders is a system of xenon lights which project the spinning forms onto any surround surface.