Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is as Close to The City as I Get

This piece is an extension of both concept and materials placed in an outdoor setting. Using varying materials found in house hold construction I wanted to create an artificial environment. The sections have individual layers that represent the different levels of life and nature. I choose the shape of spiral steps to suggest the idea of movement. In addition I am again dealing with the idea of a journey by changing the direction and level of each step.
“This is as Close to The City as I Get”
Styrofoam, Plywood, Plexyglass, Grass, Sponge

Thursday, April 17, 2008


this project started with a video i watched about the Tibetan monks and their tradition of making the mandala. i then went from there to find out what the general public thinks of tradition. i used youtube and searched the word tradition and cut together the videos to make one large definition of todays "tradition". i then projected this new tradition onto several small monks as they watched the video off of the laptop.

Painting Machine

Painting Machine
Welded Steel, acrylic paint, stretched canvas, machine components

By allowing a machine to create the painting entirely by itself, I have removed the human element from creating artwork. Specifically In painting, the interaction between the artist and the canvas is necessary to achieve a results. A machine takes the place of the artist and creates a painting without any human interference. Using scientific elements such as the forces of gravity, physics, and chemistry, the machine creates an elaborate mix of color to attract the viewer.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008