Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Andrew Vavala

Andrew Vavala
Wire, Pantyhose, Painted Plastic
2' x 6'' x 6''
The inspiration for this piece came from the ceiling, and coulombs of Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia. The way the coulombs branched out like tree branches was interesting to me. When looking up at the ceiling in the cathedral you are overwhelmed by light pouring in from the stain glass windows, lighting up all of coulombs. I wanted to recreate the structure of the coulombs, while at the same time give the feeling that they are glowing. As I built each coulomb out of wire and then stretched fabric over them the project began to change. I put so much effort into creating each frame that they began to take on personalities. I wanted to put the coulombs together in a group while still allowing each one to be different like individual creatures. Light from the ceiling is directed through blue plastic discs causing each structure to glow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hair Piece

14inches x 10inches
welded steel and artificial hair
This piece is about a personal safety connection to hair. Since the beginning of human life, early people's sole need for hair was to keep them warm and protect their skull. Today hair still keeps us warm, but it has become more of an accessory rather than a part of our bodies. For many people, hair is a comfort blanket to make them feel less exposed. This feeling of fear of losing hair is a very primitive and subconscious thought. To lose hair makes most people feel self-conscious. Therefore, wigs and hair growth formulas are made to give the illusion of hair growth. I used long hair, because with age people experience hair thinning and hair loss.