Friday, May 27, 2011

Melissa Carr

Identity Loss
Foam and silver gelatin photographic prints
a collaboration with Tia Fay

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Samantha Mancuso

Samantha Mancuso
Glass bottles, wood, found window, latex based house paints

Samantha Mancuso



Acrylic yarn, newspaper, plastic wrap

Spīthra was inspired by the idea of nests and eggs; specifically the eggs of spiders. The yarn is used as an allusion to the spider’s webbing, while the partially exposed plastic wrap and newspaper bases give mention to an embryo like substance that could be found inside these eggs. There is also an underlying theme dealing with the housewife and the stereotypical activities she may partake in in her free time.

Shannon Tomanovich

Charred wood, steel, vinyl, cellophane, live models and Egyptian Belly-dancing music.
88" x 56" x 99"

Unrest is a jumbled stage of fears. It forms a distorted shape to the viewer and a disorienting environment for the performer. Each element represents a component of various fears. Some regard dangers of sex, drugs, rock & roll, natural disasters, foreign affairs, war, isolation, confinement, loss, rebellion and an overall misunderstanding of surroundings.

The performer is told to dance, carefully so as not to break the thin container. I set something into action and let it go without me, like a computer without virus protection. I find humor in how beautiful this piece is in action. Because everything about Unrest is based on fear, and the people inside are just dancng. When a person moves inside they are diffused but on display. They cannot see the reactions by people outside. To me, watchingt them feels like managing to grow a willow tree in the salt flats. And It is too beautiful to last.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tia Fay

Identity Loss
Foam and silver gelatin photographic prints
Dimensions variable

Kyle Hackett

A Self-History of Identification
11.25 x 9 x 4 in
Layers of scarred Plexiglass, HDR photograph, scratches, dust, wood, bolts

I explore issues of personal identity. While treating each layer of Plexiglass as trapped in history, I create a self-portrait using high dynamic range photography. Considering each layer a unique component of my personal history, I use various opacities, throughout thirteen layers, to create a subtle but yet distorted journey though space. The layers beneath the surface trap dust, scratches and become ambiguous; however, each layer plays and important role in creating the final image.

Elizabeth Lang

Framing & Constructing Conversation
Rubber, Fabric, Wood
Heads 6"x8"
Wood 12"24"

Elizabeth Lang

Upper Lip
Steel Wool

How many people do you know have a mustache?,
Will you realize at first glance if they shaved it off?

Mustaches are often so much a part of a face that they often go unnoticed. It seems that when removed from the face and juxtaposed to a blank wall the mustache becomes an unusual decoration or odd point of interest. Taken out of it's nature habitat the mustache can now be revered for it's major role in historical and contemporary styles, adorning the faces of many distinguished and or unruly characters, a mark of identity.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Susana Cortez

Metal rods

This piece is a continuation of the first piece of the semester. The two shapes were based on the contour lines of Chihuahua and Tamaulipas the two states with the most increasing violence in Mexico. With this piece I wanted to illustrate what the government is currently doing which is trying to emphasize the beauty of every state but, at the same time I illustrated the danger. I illustrate danger manly by the incorporation of the rough texture and the cage form.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tia Fay

Peep Show

My work investigates relationships, questions experiences, and celebrates moments. Looking through the scope presents the viewer with a pathway to a narrative. Small, simple moments of discovery deserve to be magnified.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kevin Bielicki

Kevin Bielicki
20" x 13" x 22"
Wood and Epoxy

In this piece I took a bonsai tree and sprayed it in resin. Everywhere the resin dripped naturally from the branches I extended the drip marks to the base. After, I cut out the center of the tree leaving the roots and the apex.

Nightmares and fantasy

Sarah Freitag
Ink Jet Iron-on and Found Object

This piece was an exploration into the display of human emotions. I wanted to show the ambiguity in how humans show pleasure and displeasure through images of women in midst of an orgasm in porn and women being murdered in horror movies.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Andrew Vavala

Andrew Vavala
Steel Rod & Plastic Strips

Life is a journey through a confusing network of decisions and events that help mold, bend and shape our lives. It is up to each of us to find a smooth path, that red thread, that guides us through the kayos of life to come out better people on the other side.

Kathleen Skirvin

Modeling Clay and Artificial Hair

For this assignment, I was very interested in how the body endures change at different moments in life, especially death. I wanted to represent this human face at the dividing moment between existence and non-existence. I researched different acts that the body does when dying. For example, a slumped head, the jaw completely dropped, and the blood drained from the surface of the face. I made the head smaller than usual and the hair more abundant than usual to make the viewer wonder whether this sculpture is actually human or not. It has the physiognomy of a human face, but lacks the correct anatomical structure of a human head. The moment someone takes the last breath an ceases to be was what I was trying to convey in this piece.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eugenes Simonavage

To Be Continued...

Standard size
Every material

*A collection of found objects trapped in other objects bodies.
Don"t read into it

Mike Gates

Pick Fan
Mike Gates

This sculpture is a study in repetition and the mechanical process of making the same thing over and over again, spending hours making the same shape that a machine can do in a matter of seconds. I used a variety of exotic and figured woods in this project, Spanish Cedar, Flamed Maple, Walnut, Zebrawood, Paduak, and Purpleheart.

Artificial Hair on Wooden Frame

I based this project off of one I had previously did this semester. I explored a lot with hair this semester and discovered different techniques and observed closely how people treat their hair. The manger is very symbolic and important in Christianity. This piece isn't meant to be viewed as religious, but the idea of the manger really intrigued me. A manger is meant to hold or cradle something or someone. The manger I created is on the wall, above the ground and is triangular in shape. There is also no body occupying the interior space. It is up to the viewer to decide who resides in this manger. I thought using hair for this nest would be interesting because mangers are usually made out of hay and straw, which is a typical resting place for animals. Making a bed out of hair gives it an eerie quality. Making a bed of human hair, skin, nails, and blood would be pretty cool now that I think of it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Andrew Jacob

Andrew Jacob
Plaster, Steel