Friday, December 14, 2012

Sarah Langsam

wood, bark, glue, ceramic 

Sarah Langsam

2.5' x 1'
wood, glue

Sarah Langsam

10' x 5'
wood, bark, gorilla glue

Sarah Langsam

"Filler (II)"
9' x 3'
wood, gorilla glue

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rachel Pearlman

Shattered Illusion
48"x 40"x 4"
Wood, mirror, steel wool, wood stain, acrylic paint 

For this project I really wanted to focus on the wood and the knots especially.  Everything I added into the piece follows the lines of the wood grain leading to the knots.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Danielle Race

dimensions variable
Wire, leather, vinyl

For this piece I wanted to work with a malleable material to create a 3D version of a sketch on irregular pyramids and triangular shapes. I added leather and vinyl, wrapping it around with wire accentuate the shapes and lines. 

My Last Critique

Louis Staats
December 11, 2012 
4' x 3.25'

This piece is a combination of my two current focuses whcih are painting and sculpture. I like the idea of making a three-dimensional painting. I created my own plywood consisting of layers of Padauk, Purple Heart, and Bolivian Rosewood. I sanded away at my plywood with a grinder and a disc sander to create a surrealistic cave. I cut a hole in my masonite canvas and glued the plywood to the back side of the canvas in order to have the cave showing through. Now I am painting on the canvas to compliment the three dimensional cave. I am going to add caves to give the canavas a "swiss cheese look." I very much enjoyed this project and look forward to pushing this idea.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anna Chandler

Anna Chandler
Haze, 2012
Wood and latex paint
Sizes vary
Still going along with the personal space, I decided to make it extremely personal. Each piece is made of wood strips that vary in width, length and angle. As they eventually form this basket like shape, the whole shape is a headpiece. To create more of a connection between each strip of wood I wrapped the entire piece in saran wrap and then poured a latex house paint mixed with Elmers glue inside. I was constantly spinning and turning it to spread the paint evenly, When the paint was dry enough I peeled the wrap off gently trying to keep as much paint on as possible. I still wanted a decent amount of the wood showing because that is the most beautiful part.

Laura Basson

Conversations II, 2012
table, video projection with audio

Process Shots

Laura Basson

Conversations I, 2012
wall sculpture and video projection with audio

* As of this moment I just have a picture of the structure - Wasn't able to upload the video file because something is malfunctioning with the file and I have to figure that out.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christina Bae

Christina Bae
Paper and artificial flowers/ plants
Through this piece, I have attempted to represent my faith through nature. Sometime I find myself questioning how things have become what they are. As a biologist, I can't deny the existence of evolutionism. But what great power directs them? What gave pwer for us human to become a wise human and left the mushrooms behind the woods. Both species evolutionized from a single bacteria cell. What made that distinction and what directed us to be where we are now? Well, I believe that it was God directing through nature. Through nature's time, we became to be human.

Jillian Behrens

wire, fabric, charcoal, graphite, clay
dimensions variable

Andrew Jacob

Andrew Jacob
Vibes in the Void 
Wood and Wire
Vibes in the Void reflect my family's background in music. My intention for this sculpture is to affect the
perception of my viewers and bring them to the inside of an instrument. This piece invades the space with its strings but the true experience is underneath the void.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Meg Thomas

Burlap, plaster, wire, spray paint, graphite
4' 6" x 2' x 1' 7"

Shelter is an abstraction of a dwelling that is uncomfortably familiar. Its opening is meaning to be inviting, but its insides are too freaky to allow any more physical interaction with the viewer. It is somewhat like being hesitantly fascinated by a carcass or a once-loved home that is in ruins.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Andrew Jacob

Andrew Jacob
Steel, Wood, Plastic
Continuity represents the notion of a continuous life through re-purposing an object as well as creating a continuous sound. This piece is constructed from old water heater pipes and transformed into a sculpture of sound.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Discovery of Land

Discovery of Land
2' x 6" x 4'

This piece is the result of several experimental pieces of plywood. I glued six individual planks of plywood together to have the thickness needed to create the depth I wanted with a grinder. After cutting the corners off of the combined boards, I used a grinder to aggressively sand away at the piece. I then used finer and finer grains of sanding paper.

 I have always been attracted to the distinctive grains of different species of wood. Wood grain can appear as a painted work of art all on it’s own. Through my pieces I reveal what is already there, hidden in nature. I sand away different shapes, angles and depths of the wood grain in order to create an abstract painting. Over time I discovered that my wooden paintings could resemble three-dimensional topographical maps of landscapes. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012