Thursday, March 15, 2018

Maggie Heffernan

Earth and Air
Steel and Nylon String
My process was working with steel to create an abstract interpretation of the connection between earth and air. Using angled steel for the bottom pieces allowed for a rough texture to represent the earth, while the string connects the earth to the circle representations of open space and air. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Caity Serva


Pomeranian Skin Rug
2" x 18" x 2'
Yarn, plastic mesh
I think taxidermy is a strange art form but even stranger are the people who decide to decorate their homes with these dead animals. I am interested in the distinction between which animals are decorative to have in your home, like a deer head mounted on the wall or a bear-skin rug, and which would be taboo, like a mounted cat or a dog-skin rug. In this project I wanted to explore a fur-making technique and see how realistic I could make the fur so that later I can experiment with making faces, paws, and ears. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Taylor Schomp

Blue Drips


12' x 5' x 3'

wire, brown glass bottles, string, watered own blue acrylic paint, unfired clay, plexiglass

Blue water, of varying shades, slowly drips unto dried cracked clay from bottles hung on the ceiling.  As the liquid drips on to the clay, it gradually deteriorates the clay, eventually exposing the plexiglass underneath.  The blue water dyes the clay surrounding the exposed plexiglass.  As more time passes, the cracked clay gets further coated in blue liquid.  By the time all of the bottles empty, nearly all of the clay is dyed blue.

Erin Erskine


This structure is to make one feel uncomfortable around it. The top half seems so much heavier than the bottom and creates an uneasy balance, that make it easy to sway back and forth but still manages to stay up right. The inside are rods going in every direction that have been worn down and starting to be worn down like how the top has started to cave in upon itself.

Christopher Giuliano

"Beer and Fishing" 

Bottle caps, fishing hooks, cylinder clips, nails, wood panel

My process for this was never definite.  I picked up a lot of ideas along the way, my concepts changed, and this was the final product.  I am very happy with it.  I sought for shine, elegance, and craftsmanship.  I also wanted to twist in the two elements of fishing and beer: two things that go hand in hand.  

Adele Kaczmarek

Double Sift
screen, nylon stretch fabric, wire, flour
80" x 45" x 30"

Exploring movement, suspension, size and new material. I've experimented further into the idea of capturing a material that isn't easy to control and seeing how it interacts with a space. Seeing how the concept of action and manipulation could effect the flour and create a visual interaction. From ceiling to floor, the piece brings the eye through the entirety of the space. It creates a circling current from the suspended material to the flour sifts on the floor and back again. When the fabric hangs still, the flour defies gravity, but when force is applied, the flour is sifted through the undersized holes in the fabric and the screen before hitting the floor in an air-like dust. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Alicia Ferrara

Wall Mushrooms
Foam, Acrylic Paint 5' x 3' x 2"

Like coconuts floating from island to island, the mushroom travels from planet to planet looking for land to propagate. My work Wall Mushrooms recreates this alien species in the form of man made materials growing in a variety of fluorescent colors and textures. It plays on the idea of man made materials giving birth to new artificial life. The mushrooms are meant to be touched, poked, squished and played with. 

Jeff Kim

Third Eye
5'3" X 3' X ?
Steel, ?, ?

The pineal gland in our brains which is named after the pinecone and is intimately linked to our body's perception of light which many cultures consider to be the third eye. I recently found out that for thousands of years the pinecone has been a symbol of enlightenment for different cultures all around the world and the likeness have been used as a model. Upon discovering the new knowledge, I decided to make my own third eye the pinecone as did the artists before me for thousands of years. Before researching and creating this piece, pinecones were just another beautiful part of nature to me, but now it will always be much more than that.     

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lauren Alexander

Spirit Animal
11' x 5' x 4'
steel, cotton, chiffon, mesh, plastic, moss, embroidery floss, spray paint

Majestic, Independent, Free. An interactive environment for the viewer to be able to experience in 360 degrees. The hanging adornments set the sculpture in suspended space while remaining open and familiar. The same fabrics were used to give the shell volume inside the steel armature. It is suspended at a downward angle about five feet in the air so that it appears a mobile creature in it's habitat.