Monday, December 11, 2017

Forrest Hines

Body (three)
Steel Pipe

This piece is a continuation of the Body series where I seek to explore creating the structure of the human figure through space and shape. Using these more subtle pieces to create form has been an interesting exploration as I've sought to branch away from the "perfect form" that often ends up being used in figurative work. This piece in particular was derived from my recent interest in the shape of the circle and bringing that forward to create a figure became fascinating to me. Another key to these pieces is the idea that as the viewer walks around the piece information begins to come forward and fall away and I think that idea went into the decision to make this one, like Body (one), a floor piece as opposed to a wall piece, though I may still experiment with creating it on the wall. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Caity Serva

Mattresses, medical sutures, isopropyl alcohol

My experience as a research intern in the emergency department made it so I could see many different patients with many different ailments. There is one patient, however, that I think about more than any other. This piece is about him. Actual medical suturing techniques were used to fix the rips in the fabric and isopropyl alcohol was painted onto the fabric to give the room an antiseptic feel.

Bruce Turner

Fly the friendly skies of blue oceans
Steel and paint
12 x 8 ft.
        We don't just need to save the whales, we need to bring their true life and spirit close to us.    I f that happened then we would know why we should save them.   Then saving them from US would be important.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Andrew Gayda

Acrylic on Wood

This project was an experimentation into kinetic sculptures. I wanted to investigate possible ways of turning a 2 demential drawing into a 3 demential sculpture. The line work is intended to embody motion. The color of the work is energetic and alive. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

John Halligan

John Halligan




Insulation Foam, Plaster, and mortar

John Halligan

John Halligan




steel and spray paint

Forrest Hines

Body (two)

This piece is a continuation of my figure studies through line and subtlety. In Body (one) I used the contrast of a white floor in a heavily lit room to formulate a the shape of a body through rising horizontal lines but in this piece the forms use vertical lines that are fleshed out through bends and kinks to start to imply body parts. I really wanted to get away from this idea of a "perfect figure" that starts to happen when working figuratively, that is the sort of slender and typically male bodied, thin figure, and give something a little more. Bodies have such a variety of shapes and abilities so to only use one form when working with the idea of a body doesn't quite fulfill what I want to do and this piece was the first step in really distorting that perfect figure and seeing what the many shapes and forms of the body can give me in an artistic sense.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Taylor Schomp

Fall 2017
Brown glass bottles, twine, rope

The bottles explore the fragility of glass and its destruction over time.  The bottles faced varying levels of manipulation from light surface treatments to deeply engrained cuts.  By having them hung, the bottles lose their sense of strength and density, becoming light and fragile, swaying through the air.  Additonly, the hanging allows the viewer to witness the objects from all angles and heights.  This keeps the viewer engaged, allowing them to walk up and down the curtain of bottles, looking high and low to witness the sandblasted patterns and cuts.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Chris Giuliano

Chris Guiliano
plasticine, wood, acrylic paint and steel
28" x 30" x 24"