Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jeanine Chapman

Knotted Tension
Fabric and Foam Core
11.5" x 26" x 21"

Inspired by Carbon nanotubes, and their role in today's technology, I recently discovered that because of today's technology we are able to reproduce Carbon nanotubes. Today scientists are making artificial muscle tissue from them. This piece incorporates muscle tension and muscle knots while reiterating the idea of the hexagonal Carbon nanotube that the artificial muscle tissue is derived from.

Kacey Boyce

Mountain Escape 
wire of varying widths, hooks 
8' x 10' 
Fall 2013

There is an interest in the idea of building a way into the imagination through sculpting a mural that defies the boundaries of reality. In this second attempt, I have built a landscape in hopes of pushing the perception in enjoying an outdoors expansive scenery right along a corridor wall. 

Kacey Boyce

War Horse
Solid Metal Rod, Plexiglass, Wood 
6' x 4' x 2'
Fall 2013

This piece grew from my continued exploration with an esthetic that interests me. Swirls and dips in both coiled tight and sweeping fashion, solid steel manipulated by the hand of the artist creates soft and floating figures. The thick base precariously supports the airy sculpture. This horse leg is not altogether realistic, yet it's shape is based on knowledge of the animal conformation it is based on. Strength, majestic, fierce, story telling is the inspiration behind this work. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jeanine Chapman

Steel and Fabric
6"x 21'x 20'

Influenced by the interaction of modern technologies and the natural world this piece was inspired by the form and use of carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes occur naturally in our world but because of today’s technologies we are able to reproduce and interact with this technology. By using colorful fabrics and the playful connotation of a trampoline I have enticed the viewer to step into the hexagonal shapes, leaving their footprint on nature. Further forcing them to think about the footprint modern technology is leaving on nature.

Cristian Vitale

Clay Slip, Cotton String, Wood.
69" x 50" x 38"