Monday, March 26, 2012

Sarah Langsam
"Transition in Transformation"
4ft x 6ft
Tree Bark and Wood

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anna Chandler

Anna Chandler
Film Fit
Base- 4x4in. Height- 2ft. Width- varies
Steel, spray paint, film.

This sculpture piece started as an abstract construction of a shape (squares) then turned into an ode to film. Being a fan and producer of film and photography I added the filmstrips to the twisting squares to become something completely different and meaningful. I chose to paint the steel black to give a more professional universal look and to contrast the light opaque film. After observing the piece in differently lit areas, I became very fascinated with the interesting shadows that were given. I enjoy tying other mediums that I use into my sculptures.

Rachel Pearlman

What You See Is What You Get (2012)
By: Rachel Pearlman

Materials: old mirror and cast iron pieces
Size: 47.75" x 27.75" x 1"

This piece is kind of just fell together as I was making it. I found these cast iron intricately designed pieces that reminded me of fencing from when I studied abroad and I knew I had to include them in my piece. They were covered with rust and I was trying to think of different ways to get rid of it. I ended up just cutting them into smaller pieces and making my own shapes with them using the plasma cutter. After I did that they were small enough for me to start taking off the rust with the bench grinder. As I was in the process of doing this, the new pieces still had some rust but also had shiny parts of the metal showing through. Looking at it instantly reminded me of an old vintage mirror. So I decided that I wanted to attach the pieces to a mirror and make my own pattern on it. I also added some fingerprints and dust to add to the old feel I was trying to portray. What you see is what you get.

Juan Otalvaro

Read me a story


Bible, wood, household paint

Friday, March 16, 2012

Andrew Jacob

Andrew Jacob
New Creation
2 1/2' x 3 1/2' x 3 1/2'
Steel and Mirror tiles
Taking form of the Mobuis strip, this piece is based on a concept of new creation within its original creation. Reflecting all surfaces in its surroundings, the mirrors represent all of our ideas that form throughout our lives that gather together into something completely new.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Danielle Race

1/4 in steel rod
5.5 ft x 1ft

Laura Basson

Untitled, 2012
dimensions variable
TV, chair, video

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meg Thomas

Steel, cable, velvet ribbon, thread
Hand plate: 6" x 3", cable: 12"

Caitlin Mechlinski- 5 Panel View

Steel, canvas, String 5.5' X 3'

I wanted to make something that i would be using in my Senior Show. Something that would represent me as an artist. I created this 3 panel canvas to paint a Japanese landscape with 2 "windows" to let others see a different view of me.

Side View- Pink String

Courtney Connell

Courtney Connell
Wire Sculpture

Jillian Behrens

Monday, March 12, 2012

Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis
Grass is always Greener...
Copper Piping, MDF, Grass, Astro Turf
72" x 48" x 48"

This piece invites the viewer to step on the platform with removed shoes, and plays with the senses of touch and smell. There is a contradiction between the artificiality of the astro turf, and the organic nature of the actual grass. This discussion between these two elements with the slight removal of the viewer from space engages the viewer in an interesting dialogue which the viewer can interpret for him/herself.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Virginia Hall

"Spinning Images" by Virginia Hall
2' x 4.5'

 I created a steel and aluminum zoetrope from a found ventilation fan.  There is a strobe light that engages the images to form a short film strip of a tree swaying.  I wanted the piece to be monochromatic and made from industrial materials, as to contrast the simple frames inspired by beauty in nature.  The cards are interchangeable and I plan to make several other sets that follow the same theme.