Monday, December 12, 2011

Aaron Hoffer

Mechanical Dystrophy

A semester’s worth of recording edited into one compact disc, with an accompanying book of “instructions” to help with the input processes. Sounds intended to usher in the age of machine love. Download to achieve intimate relationship with electric currents and to further exploits into frequency fetish. Listen to on only the deepest and loudest mode possible.

Mel Carr

Mel Carr
Love Your Addiction
5 x 9 x 2
Resin & Cigarette Butts

A divine moment

mailbox, gold spray paint, raccoon skull, glass, envelope and cross 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

'Liturgy' by Matthew Amey

The human skull has been a large part of my work for the past few years. I have been exploring the skull in a number of mediums, techniques and sizes for a while and this is the culmination of those efforts.  The skull floats ominously just two feet off of the wall and about 5 feet off the floor.

Pink foam insulation, steel, nylon fabric.
Approx. 22" x 24" x 18"

© Matthew Amey 2011

Mike Gates

Steel, plastic, earth, charcoal, ash, leafs.
6in x 6in x 90in

This object is a representation of an 'earth core sample.' Similar to ice cores, this work shows different layers of shallow section of earth's crust that lies just under our feet.

Mike Gates

Spanish Cedar Shavings, wood, MDF, steel
20in x 18in x 44in

'Risen' is a piece based on showing the rising movement of an excavation of a piece of nature from its domain. The cedar shavings represent ash or all the decomposed parts of past living organisms that plants in the present live in.

Chris Keiper

Kevin Bielicki

In a state of nature


2' x 2' x 6.5'

moss and foam

In this work I used remnant material that reminded me of columns or man man structures that have aged over time. I used live moss in conjunction with this foam to create the feeling of nature reclaiming the habitat.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Andrew Jacob

Andrew Jacob
True Love
Found objects; Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Mirror, Glass, Plastic

Sarah Langsam
"Tree of Life"
13' x 4.5' x 13'
Insulation Board, Wood, Tree Bark

An attempt to show how different materials that originate from the same place and how they help to sustain the lives we live, represented by their placement towards one single point. Due to time constraints, ability to get bark, and growth and change throughout the progress of creating the work, the final piece differs greatly from what was shown in the original model.

"Tree of Life" - Model
17" x 5.5" x 4.5"
Foam, photographs of bark and wood, glass, ping pong ball

This is model of what I want to make for my final project. The piece should be about 13ft long, 4.5 ft high and 4 inches deep. It will be constructed out of insulation board, bark, wood, and glass. It will represent the importance of trees and wood on our lives and our existence. They are so important to us because they sustain us in so many ways, yet are becoming harder and harder for us to touch and get a hold of as we continue to destroy them.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brandan Henry

The Garden, ~15 feet, Dead leaves, ink on gauze