Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hidden Impossible Triangle

The Hidden Impossible Triangle.
Wood, steel
James Denver 09

This piece works on the Gestalt effect as in the mind, the recognition of a whole image does not have to be perceived being made up of the parts that exist within it already. Basically the principle of the piece is that it was made to serve as an optical illusion. The impossible triangle can only be seen within a very particular line of site. The Hidden Impossible Triangle is meant to have the full visual/mental attention of the viewer because if the viewer is able to create the triangle in their plain of sight, the piece will shift from three 3-D pieces into one 2-D whole.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Stephanie Bell
Steel Pieces and String

This piece was inspired by the movement of my friends and their hula hoops.  The steel alone wasnt taking up enough space and looked like a weird coathanger so thus the string was added to build up a "body" so to say.  An architectural feel developed down the bottom, making it feel more stable.  The bike tire represents the spinning hula hoop around the persons neck.  I added the fabric to pick up wind so the tire would spin, but unfortunately it feels and looks too heavy so it was a mistake.  

From Here to Nowhere

Esteban M. Pilonieta Vera

Aluminum, paint, ERW pipes, screws and bolts

Dimensions vary

A collection of 10 signs direct the public in an incoherent path with no definite end. The color and direction of the arrows intend to create a personal image of the nonexistent object or place that one searches after. In this space in particular, as one interacts with the piece, walking around trying to follow the signs, one might almost ignore or forget about the garden where they reside; this way commenting on the things we miss or ignore in our everyday lives while we try to reach an ultimate goal.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

PN 01/PN 02

Sean Doll
PN Series, 2009
wood, stamped text, paint, bolts
approximately 16" x 16" x 4"

My inspiration for this work comes from modelling kits that can be purchased and put together. These sets come with pre-cut wood pieces and usually a small bottle of glue. By following detailed directions and diagrams, you can make your own dinosaur, car, etc.

I am interested in this idea of piecing things together to build something greater. I printed the "directions" directly onto the pieces. Upon examination, many of these directions make little to no sense or have no relevance being printed on the piece (ie. "rear piece" and "top layer").