Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Discovery of Land

Discovery of Land
2' x 6" x 4'

This piece is the result of several experimental pieces of plywood. I glued six individual planks of plywood together to have the thickness needed to create the depth I wanted with a grinder. After cutting the corners off of the combined boards, I used a grinder to aggressively sand away at the piece. I then used finer and finer grains of sanding paper.

 I have always been attracted to the distinctive grains of different species of wood. Wood grain can appear as a painted work of art all on it’s own. Through my pieces I reveal what is already there, hidden in nature. I sand away different shapes, angles and depths of the wood grain in order to create an abstract painting. Over time I discovered that my wooden paintings could resemble three-dimensional topographical maps of landscapes. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Anna Chandler

Thoughts Progression
Wood and Wire
Height- 5’8 ½”
Top width- 1’ 10”x 1’ 6”
Base width- 4’ 6”x 3’ 11”
Wire sizes vary in length and thickness
This piece is an abstract representation of how thoughts advance throughout life. The black thick wire takes a heavier role of thoughts toward the top as the wooden base with thinner wire is a more mild representation. The viewers eye moves from the more opened, larger base containing less wire toward the top becoming more scattered and sometimes overwhelmed with thoughts. This becomes the journey of aging in life and thoughts becoming more and more simultaneous, heavy, and important. The five sided wooden shape also takes on the idea of thoughts as the stair like structures extend spiraling inward becoming a new conversation of their own as the wires speak with them as well. The slight opening in the front gives the spectator a chance to come into the piece and experience their own thoughts from within.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sarah Langsam

"Filler ( I )"
4.5' sq.
Wood, bark, gorilla glue

The repetition of the circle or ring investigates ideas of life, identity, time, eternity. This piece explores nature but in addition, it looks at natures relationship with human kind and society through the presence of a synthetic, manmade substance that seems to be eating away at the natural elements.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Danielle Race

Danielle Race
steel, string, transparencies

For this piece I was inspired to use the photographs I shot for my first sculpture piece and use them in a tactile form working with steel shapes and lighting to create multiple dimensions and multiple shapes. 

Danielle Race

Danielle Race

This piece represents an uncomfortable atmosphere using plaster fingers made from molds of my own fingers, with models, neutral colors, and hair. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jillian Behrens

Jillian Behrens
Geronimo, 2012

Jillian Behrens

Jillian Behrens
Space Brigade, 2012
foam, string, plaster, pipettes

In this piece, I created my subjects out of various found materials.  As I collected and connected the different materials and elements, a unique dialogue began to unfold.  I let the process of making act as a mediator between myself and my external environment.  The mix of conscious and subconscious thought patterns yielded a tiny world with both macrocosmic and microscopic qualities. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christina Bae

papers/ wire/ paint

Our entire body is connected by nerves. When brain sends a signal, it is sent by neurons through a process called action potential. I am still trying to deliver a message on how beautifully our body is made. 

Christina Bae


Wood/ black paint/ printed pictures

In this piece, I wanted to represent how fragile and complex our body is built. Our body is composed of billions of cells and each cell has its own nucleus that stores DNA. DNA directs which proteins are needed to be synthesized and distributed throughout our body. Our DNA is a double stranded sugar molecules with phosphate backbone that are wrapped around histone cores. And the DNA and histone core complex make up a chromosome.

From this piece, I want people to learn to appreciate the fact that they were born normal. Everything in their body worked the way it suppose to. Lot of times, we take things granted and never think about how fortunate we are to have functioning eyes that enables us to see beautiful pictures, ten fingers that we use to build awesome arts and perfectly functioning brain to think and remember.